Coloring Through The Seasons With God

Coloring Through The Seasons With God

Feeling lost?

Want to grow in your Faith?

Needing fulfillment?

Coloring Through the Seasons with God is a 12 month journey, where you will strengthen your relationship with God while praying, coloring, doodling, and meditating on the scriptures within.

The coloring pages are followed by a thoughtfully chosen bible verse and two Journal prompts. After each of the 4 week sections there is a page for Answered Prayers from the Previous month as well as a page for Reflections from the Previous month.

Note: The back side of each coloring page is left blank to minimize bleed through. This extra space may be used for doodling or extra Journal notes. A bonus bookmark is included that you may color, cut out and laminate.

Recommended tools for this coloring book are: Colored Pencils, Gel Pens, and Water based markers.

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By Michael Furlonger

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