The story, The Scarlet Letter, was set in Puritan Massachusetts, at the Bay Colony during the years 1642 to 1649, the novel tells the story of Hester Prynne who conceives a daughter through an affair… Hester was forced to wear the scarlet letter “A”, an adulterer, on her chest. A badge of sin, shame, and condemnation.

A more recent label of wrongdoing are those familiar orange prison uniforms that made the scene around the 1970s. They are still often used whenever the prisoners go out in public, are transported, are in court, or when they are in front of reporters.  What if the prisoner in orange is also a murderer and had to wear a large RED “M”? People would gossip, back away, and get a feeling of uneasiness.

Today’s Scarlett Letter

Today people eagerly place yard signs to support their political candidates. Those signs that stand for the party that supports abortion are like Hawthorn’s Scarlet Letter. Christians around the world that know the truth of God’s Word, political signs are self-labeling them as murderers.

We have liberal friends but when they boldly place those signs in their yards we will no longer see them in the same light. Not only are they condoning abortion they are flaunting their acceptance that murder is ok.

Soon, the signs will disappear, but that searing image of murderer is burned into our very being. Whenever we shall see you, we will see that giant “M”. We pray for your eyes to be opened, and the misguided acceptance of that which is not of HIS WORD be exposed. That the deception you have been led to believe no longer controls you. And that our Nation is no longer desensitized to believe the god of the earth.

Abortion is not the only immorality the yard signs support. They are not the only deception of those things not of God. But that one issue is enough for me! Those who when many drive by your home, or when we see those with political signs for the party that support abortion.

Even long after your yard sign disappears this image will remain. We shall continue to pray for you.  In the novel, The Scarlet Letter, Hester was labeled and shamed … but at least her child lived!

Karen D –  from the writing team of

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A Proverbs 18:21 Connection

You have most likely heard people talk about how no one seems to notice them.  They feel invisible.  Maybe you feel that no one cares or sees you.   At times most of us have transient episodes of this invisibility, but for some, it has engulfed them as a lifestyle from which they believe there is no escape.  For the next few weeks,  I  will address this concept, and end with an article penned by a friend, Sandy.  She grew up feeling invisible, unloved, and unwanted. She will share how she defeated all the negativity and evil in her life.  It is titled:


First off let me set the stage to say that we are all created with unique gifts and talents.  Not everyone is going to be the star basketball player, a famous writer, a CEO, a  singer, the valedictorian…   Thank goodness that we are all unique!

I teach theatre arts and work with students of all abilities.    If  I have a play and need a lead actor and a lead female singer, What good would those abilities do if when on stage the curtains would not open,   the lights would not go on, the microphone was not plugged into the soundboard,  the costumes are missing,  or the makeup artist decides to quite…The on stage performers must trust and rely on the talents and skills of many others.    

To share with you exactly what I  mean.  Here are 2 backstage links at what goes into a large production. I chose Sight and Sound Moses. Here is a #1 a behind the scenes (Click HERE) look at Moses the production and this one takes you to #2 Moses behind the curtain crew and stage management (Click HERE).

Two different views of the same show.

If I did excerpts from The Wizard of OZ, I would have 16 students portray each of all the main characters.  EX:  Some of the 16 Dorothys would sing some would dance and some would act. They would all play the character in their strength. They would all wear the same costume.  By the end of the rehearsals all the Dorothy were ready to try other “Dorothy parts”.  Rehearsing as a group without the fear of doing that which they felt they COULD NOT DO,  often found another talent when the fear was removed!  They do not actually try out because that causes discomfort in a lot of talented children. Instead,  I would go up to them excitedly telling them I heard them sing or I saw them dance and invite them  into a different group by telling them we need you!

When it was time for the curtain call all those backstage and involved  in any way were included! If it wasn’t for them the show would not go on.

I  teach through positive reinforcement. Many grow up without any positivity and encouragement, or only when it met the parent’s desires and their expectations not the child’s.  If you grew up in this type of atmosphere it  does not preclude you from discovering your purpose and finding true joy.  

When you read Sandy’s story you will understand.

Gifts come in all types and sizes. A caregiver,  an exceptional driver,  how about a great storyteller, or the ability to see when someone is hurting. You may be extremely loyal, have integrity, yes all these and much more are gifts. How about the gift of energy, the ability to make people laugh, the gift of listening, cooking, or creative thinking?  Maybe your gift is the ability to remember…  There are hundreds of things that you may excel at. has an article – 10 ways to identify your talents and utilize them. Just as a warning if you are in a negative place or are self-loathing does not mean you will not find your gifts. You must look at their suggestions from a place of hope. Remember you will need to change the way you think to change the way you behave.

Maybe a friend, a parent, or even a teacher, constantly compares you with others and often these well-meaning people hand out labels!  Not everyone is an academic, not everyone is outgoing, not everyone does well in sports.  It is ok to be different.  It is ok not to want center stage, to be quiet or reserved.  Labels tend to either bring you down  or keep you down. People tend to “become” the labels they are given. Anxiety can enter when it is always expected for you to excel or reach certain goals. Whether these are your goals or the goals of someone else. Depression and sadness enter when hope is intangible.

When a person is not walking in peace and joy, they are especially vulnerable to living up to whatever they hear repeatedly. The door opens to that which is not desirable. Then it becomes a habit.  

When true peace and joy fill the void in your life,  there is no room for anything negative.  
Words and labels can bring joy or cause misery, Proverbs 18:21 puts it this way: “The tongue has the power of life and death.” The stakes are high. Words can either speak life, or your words can speak death and fear.  Our tongues can build others up, or they can tear them down.

Your tongue can build YOU UP or TEAR YOU DOWN.


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