Breath of Joy!: Winter Whispers

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IN THE DEEP MID-WINTER…The final book in the series, Breath of Joy, Winter Whispers speaks of the deep quiet earth movements that echo human proving grounds and transitions during times of rest.

Insightful photo art and prose complement the other. Three celebrations every day rise above the hubbub of commercialism and target the heart of humanity.

Wintertime includes Advent, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Groundhog Day and Tax Day, and souls steal bases over the bleak and bumpy landscape. The big book layout of WINTER WHISPERS provides page after page of footholds extravagant enough to comfort the bereft and sweet enough to bolster the simple joys during the season when the earth is farthest from the sun. You’ll find interpersonal springboards in these words of wonder. Each exquisite page is accompanied by seasonal photographs.

PRAISE FOR WINTER WHISPERS. “Another fresh Breath of Joy! How I wish there were more stars to give!” – Sandy Nadeau

“A perfect corporate gift for clients. When did thoughts on tax day turn romantic? I don’t know, but this big book now graces my clients’ bookshelves.” – Private Bulk Purchaser

“It’s romantic, mysterious, poetic, and bolstering. When I read this book to my grandkid, I’m reading it for me.” – Granny P.

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