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Hold Onto Your Sunhat!

Hold onto your sunhat! Dive into the joy of summer with this seasonal children’s picture book. Adults and children alike will love the experience of breathing in joy. So, grab a steamy mug and sit down with this image-driven wonder. First in a series of Kathy Joy books.

Radio personality, Kathy Joy, a favorite D.J. in Colorado, has tickled many ears with her everyday celebrations. Transitioning to the coast of Lake Erie, Kathy Joy’s popular celebrations came to evoke the most enjoyable times on beaches and bicycling through fishing villages or, antique shopping with a freckled-faced sidekick. Leap in, to experience the smells and sounds of summer.

Now a Five-Star Readers’ Review Favorite. SIMPLY SUMMER IS SIMPLY IRRESISTIBLE!

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Everyone loves to splash in a Breath of Joy!

Grab a steamy mug and sit down with this image-driven wonder. Speak aloud these everyday celebrations as you meditate on the images they evoke. A world of gratitude awaits as you view the interior life of Simply Summer. Now, you too can breathe a courageous breath of joy.

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