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The most discouraging thing about blogging is finding a place to share it. At ChristianWritersBookstore, we want to help bloggers find a place to have a voice and get support. You can write as much or as little as you want about all sorts of topics- Bible, church, healthy lifestyle, pop culture, your pick.

What was originally only available for published Christian authors is now open to all Christian writers. I have spoken to many who have a passion for writing, but aren’t yet ready or don’t want to publish their work. So we have opened up to bloggers.

The Two Options: Guest Bloggers or Blog Share

There are two options for bloggers on the ChristianWritersBookstore website. The first is a simple way you can fill out the menu below and share your blog (great for people blogging on their Facebook news feeds).

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Option 2: Set-up Your Own Account

The second way is to set up your own WordPress Account or Website and share your blogs.

However, if you are looking into designing a full website, click on WordPress Website. This link will give both you and this website a $25 credit.

Once you have your account or site, fill out the form below and let’s get started.

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