Balikoowa Joshua is a graduate of biblical studies from Zion Christian University, USA. He is a bible teacher, author, screen writer and movie producer. He works as volunteer chapter Director for Hollywood Prayer Network in Uganda – a Christian organization based in California whose mission is to pray for the entertainment industry.

Balikoowa Joshua resides in Uganda, Africa.

Conquering Lying Vanities

Conquering Lying Vanities explores the radical truth of life’s satisfaction. Love, Joy, Peace, Health, and Fulfillment is found only in God. Anything outside of him is a lying vanity. It highlights the challenging fact that man’s sole quest should be seeking to have an intimate relationship with God.

This book reshapes the false ideas of philosophy and pagan religions. They have also been sown in the hearts of Christians and non-Christians alike.

It is a must-read for those who are looking for true satisfaction, fulfillment, and happiness in God.

Yoweri Tibuhaburwa Kaguta Museveni:
The Unreplaceable Revolutionary

There is no greater value than one which stirs up an unwavering passion in the heart of a country’s citizen; one whose scholarly mandate leads him or her to write about the revolutionary struggle of the long serving leader of a young country. You hold in your hands a classic work which is more of an autobiography of President Yoweri Tibuhaburwa Kaguta Museveni. This book exposes the strenuous effort Mr. Museveni has taken in his revolutionary struggle of transforming Uganda into modern country. Well as, much is explored regarding his revolutionary achievements for Uganda and the African people, his revolutionary shortcomings have also been pointed out-strengthened by the view that revolutionary leaders are humans who have both strengths and weaknesses often made manifest in their leadership career as they transition their societies from turbulent histories to desired destinies.

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In this masterpiece, you will discover the undeniable truth that President Yoweri Tibuhaburwa Kaguta Museveni remains the unreplaceable revolutionary leader in Uganda. Such an ideal does not aim at ostracizing the avid reader from inwardly struggling with rhetoric questions and thus room is granted for civilised debate in an atmosphere of free speech without promoting theoretical heresies and character assassination. Nevertheless, in this book you will discover the truth that most questions regarding President Museven’s historic background, ideology for peace and stability, social-economic transformation, East African Unification, multi-party dispensationalism, his legacy and exit from corridors of power and so forth have all been answered.

This book crowns with the envisaged proposal which depicts the rigorous measures Mr.Museveni should uphold (to fulfil his vision) as his leadership career bends towards the denouement curve. Above all, Uganda’s future leaders are inspired and called upon to learn and appreciate his leadership character, drink from the same mantle and champion the vision “Uganda’s Transformation” to the next generation. After a good read, you will have also learnt the truthfulness of President Museven’s revolutionary character and how that’s mandatory in the realization of the admired future of Uganda and the African race.

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