Balikoowa Joshua

Balikoowa Joshua is a graduate of biblical studies from Zion Christian University , USA. He is a bible teacher, author , screen writer and movie producer. He works as volunteer chapter Director for Hollywood Prayer Network in Uganda – a Christian organization based in California whose mission is to pray for the entertainment industry. Joshua resides in Uganda, Africa.


Conquering Lying Vanities explores the radical truth that true life-satisfaction – Love, Joy, Peace, Health, and Fulfillment – is found only in God. Anything outside of him is a lying vanity. It highlights the challenging fact that man’s sole quest should be seeking to have an intimate relationship with God. This book reshapes the false ideas which philosophy and pagan religions have sown in the hearts of Christians and non-Christians alike. It is a must-read for those who are looking for true satisfaction, fulfillment, and happiness in God.

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