Baked Philly by Mike Casper

I wrote Stone Thrower to tell the backstories of fifteen ‘little people’ mentioned in the bible who met Jesus, then were not mentioned again. I’ve been asked the question, ‘How did you come about writing their backstories?’

Well, nobody likes to be forgotten! I researched, prayed, and put my keyboard to work.

Stone Thrower

Here’s a bit of the book’s first story, titled, “Bread, Beer, and Rabbit Lentil Stew.”

Bread, Beer, and Rabbit Lentil Stew
by Mike Casper copyright 2019

I think it was my withered hand that drew his sympathy. That useless, wasted thing had always defined my life. Indeed, it has for all of us deformed people.

But especially me.

I hated my hand. Sure, I hid it well with my easygoing, jovial demeanor, but somehow Jesus saw the bitterness, pain, and despair deep in my heart. How I don’t know.

But it touched him.

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