Shannon Binger Foster

“Author Shannon Foster is the author of three coloring books.

  • A Stroke With God: A 30 Day Prayer Journal and Coloring Book
  • Coloring Through The Seasons With God: A 12 Month Prayer Journal With Coloring Pages
  • Mindful Meditations: A 30 Day Journal With Coloring Pages.

These are definitely interesting approaches to adding to your prayer life that I have never considered. But we’ll let Shannon shine some light on this method.

“Shannon is also a 10 year cancer survivor and owner of an island, but only during high waters.

“Her husband, Steve, also has a book out called Echos Of The Soul. While the conversation is about Shannon, Steve’s book will be share below.”

(As a Christian, Michael Furlonger believes that Jesus Christ died on a cross for our sins and calls on us to live a holy life. While trying to respect differing views, Michael does not encourage any rosaries or statues as the Bible speaks against building statues and praying to any other than God.)

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