A Dramatic And Prophetic Short Story

A Dramatic and Prophetic Short Story: Jesus and His Early Life

Over the years, there have been many sermons and devotions about the birth and early life of our Savior and Lord. But I cannot recall anyone writing a short story about Christ and His Early Years. Many of those great sermons focus on the main characters of the story. So I feel compelled to do so. There is something about a short story that brings joy and excitement to my soul. And the story of Christ is such an interesting and wonderful topic.

Our study will take us from Nazareth, Bethlehem, Jerusalem, Egypt, and back to Nazareth. The Lord helped many people in this story through some tough and UNUSUAL times. There will be many miraculous and touching events along the way. Oh, don’t forget there also will be some angelic and divine visitations as well as interesting prophecies discussed.

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By jonathonwright

I am currently writing a book called God Unusual Plan. It is a dramatic historic devotional study of Genesis 1-9. I hope you enjoy.

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