A Chain Of Flames

A Chain Of Flames: A Contemporary Christian Novel of Faith, Hope, Redemption and Love

Whose life will you change? Who will change yours?
Will you even recognize that moment as it happens?

In this remarkable Novel the characters are “vibrant
and alive … dynamic voices demanding to be heard.”

~Where free will and destiny collide, there is…

Eli Rathebohn is an old soldier who never quite recovered from the the battle. He makes his living by smuggling drugs for the Mexican cartels. He manages his trauma by otherwise isolating himself from the rest of the world. Still- His inner demons will leave him no peace, and one of them in particular… will not stop whispering in his ear.

Johnny James is a Police Chaplain in the southern town of Las Cruces. In a twist of fate he foregoes his long anticipated fishing trip and decides instead to sojourn on his cowboy uncle’s ranch. But there is unexpected tragedy in the heartland. Johnny’s resolve will be tested… along with his faith and his courage.

Jared Suina, in returning home from college, finds himself caught between two worlds. On the rural American Southwest pueblo were he grew up, he is being pressured to adhere to the old ways — but Jared wants more. To please his Shaman uncle Jared embarks on a peyote vision quest where he sees more than he dared to… and his path is changed forever.

Denise Grayhorn is young, beautiful, and spirited Native American woman. The daughter of an influential tribal leader and businessman, she has been raised in privilege — but Denise has also been sheltered. Due to a careless indiscretion she may have just ended her television career before it has even begun. To redeem herself, Denise accepts a meager assignment, not knowing that this ‘penance’ will lead to the most sensational national news event of the year… and Denise has the exclusive.

Together these people – and a host of others – will come to realize that life is not a single footpath, but a broad interchange where our hearts, our souls, our actions, are all linked together… like a chain of flames.

A Chain of Flames is a Contemporary Christian Novel with adventure, suspense, pathos, and a touch of sweet, clean, romance.

  • Full-length, stand-alone novel
  • Multicultural Characterization
  • Appropriate for Jr. high and up
  • Useful as a tool for evangelism

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